This is a new level in Bioshock: Armageddon and continues on from where the Jupiter's Heaven level left off. This level is about as long as the Medical Pavillion in the original Bioshock. So here goes.

The player is inside the Atlantic Express when The player sees the remainder of a half blown up Atlantic Express (This is, indeed, the one Delta used) and Harvey screams on the players radio, "APPLY THE BREAKS! APPLY THE BREAKS!" The player applys the breaks, but it is to late. The Atlantic Express crashes, and the player is knocked unconscious. The player wakes up and he is trapped inside the Atlantic Express, and needs to find a way out, quick too, as his oxygen is running low. The player explores the explorable parts of the Atlantic Express, and finally finds a Gene Tonic called Aqua Breather. This tonic allows the player to breath underwater and survive the pressure of being on the bottom of the ocean. The player does an ocean walk, get's to one of those airlocks, drains it, and enters Hercules' Gym. The whole point of this level is to find another way of traveling through Rapture. Eventually the player finds a Bathysphere and moves on to the next level.

New Enemies in this level

Brute Splicers

Number of Little Sisters in This level


Well that's all for now folks, more info on Bioshock Armageddon so stay tuned. See ya

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