Hera's Paradise is a new level in Bioshock: Armageddon and continues on from where Hercules' Gym left off. This level is about as long as Dionysus Park from Bioshock 2. So here goes.

The player exits the Bathysphere and starts heading towards an Atlantic Express. When hes just about to get on, it takes off on it's own. Harvey then radios the player and says, "Where are you? I'm almost at Ryan's Developmen-" The radio turns to static, and then Jake Steller says on the radio, "Ah, wheres your little buddy Harvey now, eh? Well, you better kiss your sorry ass one last ti-" The radio turns to static again, and then another man starts talking on the radio and says, "Ah, yes, finally, peace and quiet. You can say goodbye to those bitches Donald and Steller, and say hello to Adrian Austin. I'm down at Harbor Lane (Sorry Splicedupdrunk, I was kinda out of ideas, so sorry I copied you) Let's have a quick chat." This level is pretty much the same as the Fort Frolic leve in the original game, except the player doesn't have to make the Quadytch, instead he has to assasinate 5 people whom Adrian thinks are planning to assasinate him. When the player assainates the assasins, Adrian walks out and pretty much does the same as Sander Cohen in Bioshock. The player can kill him or save him, and he fights back too. He is a suicide splicer with 3 times the health as a houdini splicer. So thats it. And no, this is not going on Fan Fiction. I havent seen any recent activity on there so thats why im not putting it on there. I alos have to give credit to Splicedupdrunk for lletting me use his Harbor Lane title for a room. The end.

Number of Little Sisters in This Level


New Weapons


Research Camera

No new enemies.

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