Here the player continues their chase after Harvey. EVERY SINGLE SPLICER IN THE WHOLE GAME Is IN THIS LEVEL! So here goes.

The player exits the Bathysphere and is greeted by Harvey, who runs away and chucks a grenade at the player. The player chases after Harvey, and soon Harvey runs into a room filled with cages, and the player loses Harvey. Inside of the cages are various types of splicers, reaching out and trying to grab the player. Harvey then says on the radio, "Listen, love, you don't have to do this. Just give it up, I'll have all my people here put you to sleep. You want that?! Well to bad!" The cages then open up, and the player fights off all the Splicers, untill finally Harvey comes out with a Tommy Gun in an attempt to kill the player. The player can lower his health, but just before dying, Harvey freezes the player, and runs away. When the player thaws out, a single Houdini splicer appears. The player must kill the Houdini Splicer, who has 4 times the health of a regular Houdini. Once the Houdini is dead, it is revealed that this Houdini Splicer was Harvey's brother, Jim Donald. On his body is a genetic key allowing the player access to Harvey's Escape Boat. The player races towards Harvey's Boat, opens up the door, and just makes it inside. The next level begins.

New Weapons


Spear Gun

Ion Laser

Grenade Launcher

Chemical Thrower

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