This is the final level in Bioshock: Armageddon. Here the player has to find and kill Harvey Donald. This level is relatively short, but not easy in anyway. So here goes.

The player begins walking towards the Center of the Boat, where Harvey is, and gets ambushed by 4 Leone Splicers and 5 Brute Splicers. Once the player kills them, they get to the centre of the boat, where Harvey hides behind bulletproof glass, and sends in waves of splicers in an attempt to kill the player. Once the player kills all the splicers, Harvey comes out from the bullet-proof glass and starts talking to the player, he says "I remember the first time we met. You were like a little cute puppy, eager to jump into anyones arms. You chose mine. And I helped you, yes I did, and what did you do? you pretty much just gave me a big middle finger, you insignifigant little bitch!" He then pulls out a Tommy Gun and fights the player. Harvey has 3 times the health of Frank Fontaines boss form, and can use Incinerate! on you. Once Harvey is almost dead, he says, "If i'm goin' down, you're comin' with me." Then Harvey blows up the ship, and the ending begins.

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