The Bathysphere Docking Station is a new level in Bioshock: Armageddon and continues on from the Welcome to Rapture level. So here goes.

The player exits the elevator he was just in and moves on into a room where the door is jammed by a pistol stuck in it's gears visible right next to the door. The player takes the pistol out of the gears, and now has the Luger P08 in his arsenal. The door then opens and the player gets attacked by pistol wielding Leadhead Splicers. The player eventually kills the splicers and moves onto the next room, which is clear of splicers and the player moves onto the next room, where the lights go out, whispering is heard, and the player get's attacked by two thuggish splicers and three pistol leadhead splicers. After the player kills the splicers, screaming can be heard, and out of nowhere, the player get's attacked by a Leone Splicer (I'll make a blog later about this splicer type), but the Leone Splicer can't die, and it can't kill the player. He leaves when Harvey sends down a Flamethrower Security Bot, and the player moves on. Finally, after clearing about 3 more rooms of Splicers, he finally makes it to a room called "Bathysphere Docking Station" and inside the operator booth is Harvey Donald. He then says to the player, " Ah, you made it! Well, anyway, as you might have already figured out, you're in a living hell right now. So I bet you want to get your ass out of here as soon as possible, right? Well I've been trying to do that for the past 5 years, but no cigar. But the way I seen you take down all those Splicers, I just knew there was some hope on getting out. There's an Atlantic express to your left, take that and I'll see you on the flipside." The player goes to the Atlantic Express, and Harvey takes the Bathysphere. The player moves onto the next level.

Well thats all for now, folks, keep reading, and comment and critism is appreciated.

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