Harvey Donald is a major Protagonist in Bioshock: Armageddon. He helps the player throughout the game and helps him get through levels. He doesn't really care what the player does with Little Sisters, and he opposes the use of ADAM in all ways. He is a white caucasian man who arrived in Rapture in 1965 when his cruse vessel crashed and sunk. He seems to like to use a tommy gun as a weapon of choice, and supplies the player with a shotgun. He is never seen using an atlantic express, as he uses the bathysphere to travel with the player. He tried to kill Brigid Tenenbaulm, but instead left her severely injured and let the player deal with her. He is apparently a bisexual, as he flirts with the player starting in Ceres' Amusemt Park. He also betrays the player by shooting the player in the face. He si the final boss in the whole game.

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