Medusa's Glory is a level in Bioshock 4.


Medusa's Glory was originally a housing area meant for the middle class citizens of Rapture. However, as soon as citizens began to get impatient with Ryan's philosophies, this area soon became a base for Atlas' followers, thus making it a weapon and Splicer filled hell house. It is the third level in Bioshock 4.


The protagonist exits the Atlantic Express, and is greeted by speaking over the intercom: "Attention Rapture! (coughs) This is John Polonsky. Apparently some (coughs) rat has been sneaking around our city, if you see him, remember, I want him dead! We will preserve out paradise, this dirty little snake isn't getting out of here. (coughs) Alive, that is." "Dimitri, who is that?" the protagonist asks. "Well, from what I've heard, his name is John Polonsky." "No shit!" "Well I don't know, friend, I know just about as much as you do down here. Oh, and it looks like you got some company." "Shit!" the protagonist then get's attacked by some Leadhead Splicers and Thuggish Splicers. "Hm, well I've done my research, friend, and it seems that this John Polonsky is, let's say 'Rapture's Ruler'. Probably some American buffoon. Oh, and it seems that he sabotaged the Atlantic Express' railways, so unless we find another way to travel, we're done. I've heard of another way of transportation, isn't really popular, but I think it is called the City Metro or something. There should be one in this part of Rapture." The protagonist now has to find a City Metro. On the way the protagonist finds a Machine Gun, or, as it is called in-game, the Tommy Gun. "Oh, I see you found a Thompson. Spetz could take down a whole army of Thompson wielding soldiers. Of course, they could take down just about anyone here." Finally, the protagonist finds a City Metro. "Ah, I see you found the Metro! Venga en, let's get moving." The protagonist and Dimitri both get into the City Metro, and finish the level.

New Discoveries






  • "Venga en" is Russian for "Come on".
  • When Dimitri says "Spetz", he is referring to the Spetnaz, a famous Russian military force.

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