Leadhead Splicers return in Bioshock 4.


Leadheads make an appearance once again in Bioshock 4, and this time they are much more deadly than the first two games (Though not as deadly as its Bioshock: Armageddon counterpart). The Upgraded Type also packs an even more deadlier punch. Here are the standaerd Splicer Attacks:

  • Fire - They fire there Pistol, Shotgun, or Machine Gun, dealing varying damage, depending on weapon.
  • Melee - They hit the player with the barrel or stock of their gun, doing medium damage.
  • Grenade - They throw a grenade, doing high damage and high knock back if it explodes near the protagonist.

This is the upgraded Leadhead Splicer's attacks:

  • Fire - They dual wield two Pistols, Machine Guns, or Shotguns and fire them at the protagonist, doing medium to high damage and no to medium knock back.
  • Melee - They slap the protagonist with their gun barrel, blurring the protagonist's vision and doing medium knock back.
  • Suicide - When they are about to die, they pull out a grenade, cook it for a little, and run at the protagonist, doing little to severe damage (depending on how close to the protagonist they blew up) and little knock back.

Research Bonuses

Level 1 - Increased Accuracy

Level 2 - + damage to this enemy

Level 3 - Arms Race Tonic

Level 4 - 10% resistance to bullets

Level 5 - Guns Guns Guns Tonic

Level 6 - Decreased Spray from all weapons

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