John Polonsky is a character in Bioshock 4.


John Polonsky was born in Seattle, America, in 1924. Little is known about his childhood, although it is stated that he moved to New York City sometime in the late 1930s. When he turned 22 in 1946, he began studying physiotherapy at the New York University. Shortly after he began studying, he received an invite to Rapture. When he arrived, he was not very well greeted, and was a "middle class" as the inhabitants called him. He got an apartment in Medusa's Glory and settled down there for a few years. When the Civil War broke out, John tried to stay out of it, though one day Ryan's Splicers raided his house and broke his leg. As soon as he recovered, he began fighting in the Civil War for Atlas, though after about a month of fighting the war was over. John then found a women named Brigid Tenenbaum who had survived the war and had all the supplies needed to survive. Soon, she left, but John took over her safe house and survived for another 8 years. Tenenbaum then returned, and John was overwhelmed with happiness. She helped him survive for a little more, until she left him to help the other "little ones." John soon learned that she was shot by a man named Harvey Donald, and John soon came to her aid. With his help Tenenbaum recovered, and she left him once again. In 1971, john went looking for Tenenbaum once again, but when he found her, she was on her deathbed. She died there, from old age and from the wounds she received during her conquest to save the little ones. John lived down there for another 4 years, until the events of Bioshock 4, in which he is now in control of Rapture. His alignment is still unclear, although he may not like outsiders as he tries to kill the protagonist.


  • John's first name is reference to John Galt from Atlas Shrugged.
  • Because of his injury in the Civil War, John now has a limp, a characteristic rarely seen throughout NPCs.

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