This level is going the scare the crap out of you if you're afraid of clowns. Anyways, if any of you have played L4D2, you know that carnival level? This level is somewhat like that, except you dont have to walk on the tracks. This level is about as long as Hepheastus in the original Bioshock, so here goes.

The player exits the Bathysphere, and gets attacked by 3 thuggish splicers dressed like clowns! once the player kills them, Harvey Donald says on the radio, "Ah, the old Ceres' Amusement Park, eh? You might want a bit more firepower here. Go check the pneumo tube. Sent you a lil somethin' somethin'." Inside the pneumo tube is a gene tonic called "Double-Double." This allows the player to Dual-Wield two plamids simueltaneosly, however they can no longe dual-wield weapons and plasmids. The player takes the plasmid, and has to fight through waves of splicers and has to blow a hole in a wall so the player may get to the atlantic express.

Number of Little Sisters


New Tonics

Double Double

Well that's all for now folks, more info soon.

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