Once the boat explodes, the player is thrown back and goes crashing through a glass tunnel inside Rapture. Brigid Tenenbaum then says, "C'mon! Get to my Bathysphere!" The player get's to the Bathysphere and gets helped in by Brigid Tenenbaum when:

If the player saved all the Little Sister: Tenenbaum helps the player in the Bathysphere, and she takes off there helmet. She then says, " You saved the Little Ones, something only few have done. And as a reward, someone like you needs to come with me." The screen blacks out, and when it comes back on, the player is laying in a hospital bed, and is a human again. Then Tenenbaum can be heard saying, "You sacrificed everything you needed for the Little Ones, and you rid the world of so much evil. For that, the world is safe once again, and I thank you." The screen fades to blackness, and the credits start

If the player Harvested the Little Sisters: As Tenenbaum is pulling the player into the Bathysphere, she shoots the player in the stomach, and the player falls over. Tenenbaum says, "I cannot have a monster like you come to the surface. Goodye, friend." The Bathysphere lowers into the water, and then water invelops the room the player is in. The player turns their head to the side, and laying there is Harvey Donald's corpse. The screen fades to blacknesss, and the credits begin.

If the player saved some Little Sisters, but harvested some: Tenenbaum goes in the Bathysphere, saying the same speech she said to the Harvester, but she doesn't shoot the player, just leves them standing there. The screen fades away, and the credits begin.

Well, I guess I'm done Armageddon, thank you all for reading, I loved the comments from the lovers, the haters, the critics, hell, even th vandals. I love you all, and I hope I may have another fan-made game soon. I'm out.

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