This is my idea for the third Bioshock, so just go ahead and comment this blog is also on my old userpage, Charlie Cohen, so don't say I'm not original, this is my idea just put on a different Blog. So go ahead and criticize i don't really care.

The game starts with the screen black and it says "1970, Beneath the Atlantic Ocean." The a person looking at a radar in first person and a man can be heard speaking into a radio in the backround, saying " Roger that, moving in, over." Another voice can be heard coming from the radio sayin "Um Alpha, were picking up strange signals in your sector, ple-" The radio turns into static, and all of a sudden a large object shows up on the radar the player is looking at. The player informs the man talking on the radio, sying "Um sir, we have a problem." Another man on the Submarine can be heard sying "Oh my god" followed by the man who was talking on the radio yelling, "Pull up! Pull up!" The submarine the player is in crashes into the object that was on the radar and the player gets knocked out. When he wakes up he's inside a room thats flooded with water and the remains of the submarine are scattered everywhere. The man hears voices, and then the lights turn off. When they turn back on, the player gets attacked by something the man can't make out. It knocks him out and he awakes in a small room with no weapons except his fists. As soon as he leaves the room he gets attacked by two thuggish splicers. he kills them and moves on. I will continue this blog later on, just out of ideas right now. Thanks for reading and here's what i think would make a good trailer for Armageddon
Bioshock Armageddon Trailer02:08

Bioshock Armageddon Trailer

What would make a good Bioshock: Armageddon Trailer in my opinion

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