Here's the variety of weapons I'm scheduling to include in BioShock 3. Some may be cut from my fan-made.


  • Car Leg
  • M1911
  • Thompson
  • Winchester Shotgun
  • Camera
  • Model 1873
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Chemical Thrower

Upgrade System

The upgrade system for my fan-made will be a little bit different this time around. Instead of just choosing an upgrade then walking away, the available upgrades will be based on the players morality. The players morality is determined by the last Little Sister they dealt with. For example, say before you upgraded a weapon, you harvested a little sister. In that case, you would get the unmoral upgrade. The second time you upgraded that weapon would also depend on what you did with the little sisters. However, if one did not deal with any little sisters since their last upgrade, they will receive a neutral upgrade. The third upgrade will depend on the players first two upgrades. So, if a player got a moral upgrade, then a unmoral upgrade, their final upgrade would be a neutral upgrade. If the player got two moral upgrades, they would receive the benevolent upgrade as their final upgrade. Likewise, if the player got two unmoral upgrades, they'd receive the evil upgrade. If the player got either a moral or unmoral upgrade, then got a neutral upgrade, or vice-versa, they'll receive a semi-moral or semi-unmoral uprade.


If you have any questions about the weapons I'll be happy to answer any of them.

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