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BioShock 3 Levels

This is where I am going to list all the levels to be made in BioShock 3 in chronological order. However, some of these levels may not appear when I'm done, and I may add new ones later.


  • The Ball Room
  • Aphrodite Beauty Salon
  • Hercules' Fitness Center
  • Zeus' Weapons Manufacturing Area
  • Outer Bathysphere Station
  • Inner Bathysphere Station
  • Eros Facility
  • Rapture Animal Testing Facility
  • Hermes Sports Arena
  • Rapture Security Center
  • Rapture Museum
  • Olympia
  • Hades Doom
  • Victoria


If you have any questions regarding the names, I'd be happy to help. However, I will not reveal the plot of the level or anything at the moment. Goodbye.

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