BioShock 3. Planned to be my finest project to this day. - Mr C. Cohen

Hopefully it is. Anyways, remember, I've scrapped BioShock 4, and I'm going to pretend I never did BioShock: Armageddon at all. Also, the game is going to take place in 1971, and it's going to have much of the same concept of BioShock 4, only it will have some more concepts and more detailed levels. Also, expect more enemy types, more explanations on how things happened (In BioShock: Armageddon I didn't even explain how the player could use the Vita-Chamber 18px-Awesome.png). Also, don't expect a speaking protagonist, I explored the concept in BioShock 4 and it's just far to much. However, I may do it a little bit just to make things less akward. Along with that, a character similar to User blog:Charly Cohen/Dimitri will appear, since I loved the concept of a smart-talking Russian, he was probably one of the characters I had the most fun with. Expect more info soon as time progresses, I will probably start the next level tomorrow. Goodbye!

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