These are all the plasmids I think should be in BioShock 3. I won't make any blogs for these since I have added a short description below them.

Armored Shell

Take more damage before dieing.

Arms Race Find more ammunition and health kits when looting containers and ammunition.

Booze Hound Drinking alchohol will restore Eve rather than drain it.

Careful Hacker The hacking needle will move slower

Cure All Health Station also restore Eve.

Damage Research Increase Bonuses from researching enemies

Deadly Machines Cause more damage to Security.

Demanding Father Little Sisters gather ADAM faster.

Cart Leg Lurker Quieter foorsteps and more damage done to unaware enemies while using the Cart Leg.

Cart Leg Power Melee attacks with the Cart Leg will do more damage.

Electric Flesh Enemies who melee you will be shocked and protects the player from taking electrical damage.

Electrical Storm Electric-related attacks do more damage to enemies

Elemental Storm Enemies who melee the player will be burned or frozen.

Elemental Vampire Elemental plasmids do more damage.

EVE Expert Carry one more EVE Hypo.

EVE Link Health Kits also replenish EVE.

EVE Saver Plasmids use less EVE.

EZ Hack Hacking is easier

Fountain of Youth Sitting in water replenishes EVE and health

Freezing Cart Leg Striking an enemy with the Cart Leg has the potential to freeze them.

Handyman Repair hacked security

Headhunter Headshots do more damage.

Hurried Hacker Less stages of hacking.

Keen Observer Researching yields more bonuses.

Medical Expert Carry one more Health Kit.

Natural Camouflage Standing still for a short period of time will make the user invisible.

Proud Parent Get more ADAM from Little Sisters.

Scrounger Grants the user the ability to change the items found while looting.

Security Evasion Security takes longer to spot the player.

Short Circuit Machines stay inactive longer when hit with electricity.

Shorten Alarms Alarms are shorter.

Sports Boost Run faster.

Vending Expert Vending machine items cost less.

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