Here are the enemies I think should be in BioShock 3. Some may be taken out later on and some new ones may be added.


  • Thuggish Splicer
  • Leadhead Splicer
  • Spider Splicer
  • Leone Splicer
  • Brute Splicer
  • Oswald Splicer
  • Suicide Splicer
  • Nitro Splicer
  • Houdini Splicer

Big Daddies

  • Bouncer
  • Rosie
  • Rumbler
  • Alpha Series
  • Lancer
  • Project 4395


  • Security Camera
  • Machine Gun Camera
  • Machine Gun Turret
  • Flamethrower Turret
  • Rocket Turret
  • Electric Turret
  • Laser Turret
  • Machine Gun Bot
  • Flamethrower Bot
  • Rocket Bot
  • Electric Bot
  • Laser Bot


  • Big Sister
  • Little Sister

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