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Bioshock: Armegeddon Weapons: Tommy gun

The tommy gun will return in Bioshock: Armegeddon, Only this time it has a 100 round drum and fires 800 shots per minute. It's overall number of carrying ammo is 400 or four one hundred round drums. these are all of its ammo types:

  • Explosive Auto Rounds- Main ammo for tommy gun, pellets are fille to the limit with gunpowder, occasionally explode on impact, medium penetration damage, very common
  • Armour piercing rounds- same as first 2 games
  • Antipersonnal rounds- same as first 2 games


  • shock- a shocker in front of barrel shocks bullets randomly, electrocuting targets.
  • heater- bullets superheat and can sometimes catch target on fire
  • clip increase- increases clip to 200 rounds, doubles carrying capacity to 4 two hundred round drums

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