This is my idea for bioshock 3, so u can go ahead and comment and criticize, ideas would be nice to, so just do watever u want here.

The year is 1970, and the game starts as a man inside a submarine watching a radar (the player) and in the backround u can hear another man talking in the backround that sounds like hes saying army commands, such as "okay, solid copy, reached target, over." then the player looks on the radar and a big image shows up on the radar, and the player alerts the man talking in the speaker, saying, "sir, we have a problem." one of the men on the submarine says "o my god" then u can hear the man who was talking earlier sayin, "Pull Up! Pull Up!" the submarine crashes into the object, and the player is knocked unconscious. he wakes up in a room half flooded with water with the remaints of his submarine scattered everywhere. the player hears voices, then the lights shut off, movement can be heard, the lights turn back on, and the player gets knocked unconscious again. this time he wakes up in a small room, gets up, and heads for the exit. as soon as he exits the room, he gets attacked by two splicers, he fist fights them, and they run off before the player or they die. the player explores a little, finally finding a short wave radio. he hears a mans voice on there (not named yet) and the player continues on there. i will come up with more blogs on different parts of my blogs thanks for reading plz leave a comment below, critics are welcome

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