The Concept

Well the general idea i had, was simple. I wanted the plasmid upgrades to reflect the players playstyle. The way i intend to do this it through an upgrade tree. There are two branchs on the original plasmids, then two branchs on each subsequent upgrade. At last there is a single ultimate upgrade for each of the four penultimate upgrades. Simple right?


I know what you're thinking. How in the hell am i going to purchase all of these upgrades?! I'll answer: You won't. My verion of the game turns your character into a very specialized thing, custom tailored to your fight style. You wont have to buy all the Base Plasmids; all of those are available for free pickup in the environment. this allows you to discover what plasmids you like (and hate) So you can upgrade the ones that suit you. You'll find enough adam to fully upgrade up to 6 plasmids, as well as buy the upgraded tonics. So.. what do you think?

Secret Plasmids?

If you've looked on the list of plasmids, you may have seen a couple of listings marked " Secret Plasmids" and wondered " What the hell is a secret plasmid, and why is it secret?" I'll answer. The reason these Plasmids are secret, is that the Base versions can't be bought. That's right. If you don't find the plasmid, you won't get it. You can buy the upgrades, but not the base itself. I do this to make sure you search the area thoroughly. But, don't worry, they're not impossible to find. There are many hints the plasmid is there, like signs, splicer conversations, and other little breadcrumbs around the level. And just in case you don't want to search for them, that's ok. They're just some of the most powerful plasmids in the game.

Gatherers Gardens

Gatherers Gardens work almost exactly the same as usual. They dispense a Plasmid or Gene Tonic in exchange for ADAM. The Change? They can be hacked. Hacking a Gatherers garden can have different effects. It could lower the price of Plasmids and Gene Tonics alot, or a little. It could break the machine. Or it could spit out a free plasmid or Gene Tonic in rare cases. There is alot more variety here.

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