Whoah! "BZZZZZZZ" I'm like a freakin X-Man." "BZZZZZZZZ" cool. - BlizzardOfOz123

Base Effect

The base effect of this Plasmid is a bit like Telekinesis. When fired, a stream of yellow shockwaves shoots out from the tips of Daedalus's fingers with a loud buzzing sound. The effect of this beam is dependent on what it hits. If it hits a nonmetal object, such as an enemy, a wooden desk, or a wall, the nearest metal object to the target will shoot towards the target at very high speed. Ex. You tag a Thuggish Splicer with one of the beams, and the piece of rebar sticking out of the wall behind him impales him through the chest. The effect is different if you directly hit a metal object. If you hit a metal object directly, it will fly torwards you and start to hover around you like a shield. This will last for about thirty seconds, even if you switch to a different plasmid or weapon. that's about it for the basic version.

Manifestation: The veins in the hand glow a sickly acid yellow, and the tips of the fingers have rescessed into little yellow depressions. The palm of the hand has a larger version of the depression.

Upgrade 1A - Magnetic Barrage

This is a straight upgrade to Magna-Pulls power. A straight cast will get you the basic version of the plasmid. Charging it causes a sharp yellow crystal to grow from your wrist, which you will then break off and throw at high speeds towards your target. The crystal sticks into whatever surface it hits, and then releases a magnetic shockwave that draws in all metal objects in the 7 meter radius. The metal objects will shoot torward the epicenter at very high speeds. This can cause enemies to look like steel porcupines in the case of a room filled with rebar. Fun right?

Manifestation: The veins in the hand have grown to a brighter yellow shade, and a spike of sickly yellow crystals have grown through a hole in the wrist. The knuckles have grown yellow crystal caps.

Upgrade 1B - Precision Pull

This upgrade allows you to choose which metal piece hits what enemy. A simple shot will cause the same effect as normal. Charging the shot creates a thin stream of highly concentrated magnetic shockwaves. While firing this stream, time slows down, and you can select the metal piece that this shockwave hits.

Upgrade 2A - MagKnight

Upgrade 2B - Metallic Prison

Upgrade 2C - Polarity Shift

Upgrade 2D - Magna-Launch

Final Upgrade 3A - Magna-Colossus

Final Upgrade 3B - Magnet Crush

Final Upgrade 3C - Polarity Storm

Final Upgrade 3D - Metallic Control

To all readers who have found this, i am sorry it is not complete. This is just an outline. If you are disappointed, wait until next Wednesday. It should be up then.

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