Well the general idea here is the same as Dark Swarmlord's. I have a giant list of (crappy, half finished, or brilliant) ideas, and is was killing me not to put them up. This page will serve as the hub for my multiple pages of brilliance (or brain farts) it will expand in time so, just read and comment. I'd feel better if you said it was crap, than not saying any thing at all, so post a reply, Please!

New Gameplay Mechanics

In the original games you had no way to change how you look. In My version Of BioShock 3 you can loot the armor of other Big Daddies. Say you don't like the alpha helmet, but enjoy the rockin' look of the Bouncers helmet. Kill a Bouncer. Take his. Put it on at the new Dressing Room station and enjoy the new look. It's not just purely aesthetic. different armor has different bonuses. Like the Rosies helmet gives increased ranged weapon damage and the like. that's about it.




Winter Blast

NEW: Root Snare


Cyclone Trap

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