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    June 18, 2011 by BlizzardOfOz123

    Whoah! "BZZZZZZZ" I'm like a freakin X-Man." "BZZZZZZZZ" cool. - BlizzardOfOz123

    The base effect of this Plasmid is a bit like Telekinesis. When fired, a stream of yellow shockwaves shoots out from the tips of Daedalus's fingers with a loud buzzing sound. The effect of this beam is dependent on what it hits. If it hits a nonmetal object, such as an enemy, a wooden desk, or a wall, the nearest metal object to the target will shoot towards the target at very high speed. Ex. You tag a Thuggish Splicer with one of the beams, and the piece of rebar sticking out of the wall behind him impales him through the chest. The effect is different if you directly hit a metal object. If you hit a metal object directly, it will fly torwards you and start to…

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  • BlizzardOfOz123

    It is my opinion that in the last two games, the Launcher was somewhat mishandled. You got the weapon too early in the game, and that unbalanced fights. The ammo was too common, and the weapon was very powerful. Using it sucked most of the fun out of fights. You could come up against an Elite Rosie, and all that you would have to do is pile proximity charges on a propane tank to kill it. This didn't even significantly reduce you ammo. You could spam grenades, and kill pretty much every enemy in the game. So I reinvented the Launcher. It is now more powerful, but the ammo is more precious. I hope it will put the "fun" in Function in the battlefield. This is supposed to be a wepon that can deal with all comers, from Big Sisters to thier crow…

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  • BlizzardOfOz123

    Lance Driver

    May 24, 2011 by BlizzardOfOz123

    Optimisim: It takes thirty seven or so muscles to frown, seventeen to smile, but only three for a proper trigger squeeze. :) - BlizzardOfOz

    Ok guys, this is the Lance Driver article. The Lance Driver is the successor to the Crossbow and the Spear Gun. It is meant to be a snipers friend. It takes skill to use, and is about the most skill hungry weapon in Bioshock: Survival. However, it has some of the most flexible properties of any weapon. If you master it, it will be a favorite. It is also meant to fix many of the problems that the other two had, and it will also balance better. (My Opinion) So anyway, I present to you: The Lance Driver!

    The Lance Driver is a homemade railgun. Daedalus will find blueprints for a railgun in an experimental w…

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  • BlizzardOfOz123

    Home Base

    May 23, 2011 by BlizzardOfOz123

    You know what they say, Home is where you hang your enemy's head! - BlizzardOfOz

    Well my friends, it is time for my first area. This place is Daedalus's home, and as such, has some cool features.

    Home Base is the name of the little two room suite that would serve as Andrew Ryan's personal shelter in the Evac Tunnels. It has a large blast door that leads to the tunnels, and a secret entrance via Bathysphere up a water vent. It has the felling of ruined luxury and grandeur. This would have been a pimped out suite if not for the years of neglect. There are three main rooms in this place, and it is the only area in the game that is Splicer free.

    The three rooms are

    This is the place where the secret entrance via the Bathysphere tunnel. This is th…

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  • BlizzardOfOz123

    Pipe Gun

    May 19, 2011 by BlizzardOfOz123

    When you use this weapon, i wonder what goes through your enemy's mind? Oh wait, I know! 7 ball bearings! - BlizzardOfOz

    The Pipe Gun is the shotgun weapon of Bioshock: Survival, and the successor to both of the shotguns in the past two games. It is also the fourth weapon in the game. I wanted a weapon that was truely custom made for it's purpose: Complete domination of short range combat. I also wanted a weapon engineered with a Big Daddys size in mind. So I present to you: The Pipe Gun! (and no, it doesn't shoot pipes)

    The Pipe Gun is, for all intents and purposes, a massive pepperbox pistol. It uses a recycled rifle stock, and has six peices of pipe serving as the barrel. The pipes are arranged in a circle, held to gether by a welded pi…

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