OK to celebrate the Bioshock movie I am going to see who would win between Bioshock and Hollywood.

Big sister Vs. Neo(the matrix)

Fontaine Vs. The Hulk

Sander Cohen Vs. the jig saw(from Saw) Just had to put in the 2 biggest psychopaths ever

Thuggish splicer (with a Machete) Vs. Jason(Friday the 13th)

Bouncer Vs. The Terminator(from Terminator, duh)

Rumbler Vs. Cylon(battle star galitica)

Houdini Splicer Vs. The Illusionist (from the illusionist)

Little sister Vs. Angle (from X-men 3: The last stand)

Some random guy using Electro Bolt Vs. Darth Sidious (Star Wars)

Spider splicer Vs. The Predator (From Predator)

Jack Vs. Agent Smith (The Matrix)

Brute splicer Vs. The Juggernaught (from X-men 3: The last stand)

Circus of values Vs. That 7-up machine (from that funny 7-up commercial LOL

Security Bot Vs. Battle Droid (star wars)

That's all I've got for now, post who you think would win.

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