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How Bioshock Plasmids work

On this blog, I will be posting my opinions on how plasmids work. Please leave your comments.

Electro Bolt: Simply electric producing organs, like those in an electric eel, on over drive. EVE is a food source for them, because they would have a very high metabalism

Incinerate!: If EVE is combustable, it simply ignites it, and throws it forewards.

Enrage: By stimulating the levels of adrenaline and noradrenaline, it could send anybody into a super state of uncontrollable rage. EVE is used to make the adrenaline and noradrenaline

Cyclone Trap: Simply creating a "tornado" once somebody steps into it, they would break it, causing all of the air to rush out.

Hypnotize Big Daddy: Manipulates the hormones that make him protect little sisters, causing him to think you are a little sister. EVE is used to make the hormones.

Insect Swarm: Using hormones that make insects lay eggs in your viens, then hormones to make them fly twords enemies. EVE is probably a food source for them, or used to make the hormones.

Security Bullseye: The security systems probably search for some chemical to determine biosogical organisms, this throws foreward a ball of that stuff. EVE is used to make these chemicals.

Sonic Boom: Uses active transport to move in large ammounts of air into the cells. Then releases it all at once. EVE provides the energy for this active transport

Target Dummy: Using hormones (again), tricks them into thinking you are where you arn't.

Telekinesis: Uses zero point energy to move solid objects. Also explains why Telekinesis can't move fluids.

Winter Blast: Shoots out a blast of liquid nitrogen, and freezes them.

Well, there you go, please tell me what you think (Bioshock 2 plasmids coming soon)

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