Is it me or was BioShock Infinite not as good as the demo's promised it to be?

Don't get me wrong, I loved it, this game was spectacular, 9/10, I got the Premium edition and I recently got the Platinum trophy on my second play through, and probably one of my favorite games. Amazing voice acting, characters and scenery, as well as great gameplay.

Things have changed a lot, though, since the E3 Demo in 2010 that I'd like to point out.

First of all, the skyhook design has changed drastically, originally it was the skyline that pulled you along, and now it is now the skyhook that does so, which isn't a bad thing, the skyhook is a great melee weapon and is better this way. Salts also used to have a certain number of uses, which was probably changed to make it similar to the first two games with the blue bar. I was disappointed in the fact that there was no fight with Saltinstall or the fact that he wasn't in the game, especially because that whole fight scene was awesome. As shown in the bar fight scene, telekinesis was available to use and was able to take control of a enemy's weapon and shoot it at them, but was only disappointed when this was cut in the final version and was somewhat replaced by Undertow.

(I swear I read a while back that the reason Columbia was so messed up was because something happened after it stopped somewhere at a world fair or something? And it was going to elaborate on it during the game? Don't kill me for getting this wrong.)

Elizabeth was first shown, looking a lot older than she is now in the final version, her being around 18-20 in the game and looks around 22-25 in this demo. She was shown to have waaaay more powerful abilities, for example the ability to summon a lightning storm. Now all she does is open tears and throw you stuff. The handyman design has stayed the same which was pretty cool, same with Songbird. Elizabeth was shown to have taken a lot of her strength taken out of her by using her powers, also shown in the E3 2011 Demo where she can only open a couple of tears within a period of time, but in the final edition she can open 100 tears straight if you wanted her too.

OH and they also drastically changed the look of Comstock, as he used to be shown as a grown man at a much younger age than he was in the game. The reason Elizabeth and Booker were going to find him was also because they were getting help from him or something? (I think Booker said that they were going to get help from him for Elizabeth, I'm pretty sure.)

Onto the E3 2011 Demo:

Before my complaints, I'll say how the health is a lot different, which doesn't really matter that much and regenerated on it's own, which isn't as good as having to find and search for health in my opinion.Where I was much disappointed by the changes. The first two games only had a couple of choices that you could make, but this game looked as if they choices at any turn, for example you could decide to do the right thing and stop a public execution but get attacked or you could let it happen and not get noticed. Looting has also changed as well, as I think it used to be you could choose individual stuff from a barrel, for exampke. The one thing that really pissed me off was the fact the final game was not as FREE ROAMING AS SHOWN TO BE. Games like Fallout 3 have great free roaming abilities and I could not wait for the game because it looked to be an amazing free roaming game (Infinite) but in the final copy you are restricted to the scripted events and following the guided path of the game. Sigh. Sorry to be nit-picking, but this has been badgering me since I played the game. And I know it's a scripted demo, but damn.

Another thing I'd like to point out is how much the "Heavy Hiters" class has changed since trailers were released of them on March 27 2012. Here all the links to:

The Siren

Motorized Patriot

Boys of Silence


I apologize for the some of the long links, I will change them once I get onto a computer.

I'll start with the Boys of Silence. They were shown to be completely blind and could only hear you. They could move around and you could decide to get their attention or sneak around them. Now for the final game: they were in one level. They could not move. They could see a line of sight and that was how you got their attention.

Motorized Patriot has stayed mostly the same, in fact exactly the same, except a bit of the art concept. The one thing I thought they should've kept was how after damage was done, the GW mask would fall of and a robot head is revealed to be underneath.


The Siren, originally was going to be an entertainer that raised the dead with her voice, which has pretty much stayed the same, except for the fact that it is now Lady Comstock.

If there are a infinite number of universes I would like to find one where I could have gotten the game when it would have been released on October 16.

Sorry about complaining so much.

I'd also like to mention things about the final edition that doesn't really make any sense. First of all, before you go into the two dimension tears that lead you to a more Vox Populi Columbia, the whole place still seems like a war zone. When you first arrive (Basically everything up unto the raffle, and also when you first go to Hall of Heroes where everyone is checking out the puppet show things) the place seems like a regular city, until afterwards the fight at the raffle where the place has suddenly turned into a war zone. Also, once a fight starts, have you noticed how the inhabitants of Columbia just suddenly disappear into thin air?

Second Disclaimer: I don't hate the game at all. I just wish it could've been a little different.

If I've left anything out that anyone else was disappointed by, leave a comment.

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