Hello!, my first blog in this wiki!!! yay!

i want to give you a little trick and ask you a question.

So, here they are:

1) If you want to see the Big Sister teleporting easily, i have a little trick: in Siren Alley, after you defeat Daniel Wales and rescue/harvest all of the little sisters and the big sister appears, "give" her a lot of damage till she reaches the half or one quarter of her life.

Then, in the same area, find a Splicer and let the Big Sister drain health from him. While she is distracted, RUN VERY FAST to the stairs and enter the room that have a hole in the floor. Jump through it while the big sister is still outside. Walk a little till you face the door that have a panel that you have to hack. If you did this correctly, the Big Sister will appear teleporting RIGHT in front of you. Its also very epic and fun battle to do.

and the question:

2) When i was doing this little trick with the big sister, a Brute Splicer appeared. For fun, i made the big sister attack the brute (by staying behind him), and they started fighting. When the brute reached a half of his health, aprox. the Big Sister STABBED him in his head with her giant needle (she didnt drained health), and killed him instantly.

So, i want to ask you: did she really did this?, because i saw her doing that to the Brute, but im not 100% sure she stabbed him and did not drained health, so, did something similar happened to you?, for confirmation of this "special" attack to brutes?

thank you very much.

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