• Bigsister

    NECA Figures - Series 3?

    January 24, 2012 by Bigsister


    I just want to ask a thing: what is the release date for the 3 NECA Splicers? (Crawler, Brute and Variant Lady Smith?), since they keep changing the date, is there an OFFICIAL date as of yet?


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  • Bigsister

    Hello!, my first blog in this wiki!!! yay!

    i want to give you a little trick and ask you a question.

    So, here they are:

    1) If you want to see the Big Sister teleporting easily, i have a little trick: in Siren Alley, after you defeat Daniel Wales and rescue/harvest all of the little sisters and the big sister appears, "give" her a lot of damage till she reaches the half or one quarter of her life.

    Then, in the same area, find a Splicer and let the Big Sister drain health from him. While she is distracted, RUN VERY FAST to the stairs and enter the room that have a hole in the floor. Jump through it while the big sister is still outside. Walk a little till you face the door that have a panel that you have to hack. If you did this correctly, the B…

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