so this is an idea i got after looking at the concept art and finding info about little brothers and i had a few ideas so hear gos.

Little Brother

so little brothers are a failed gatherer project this is because the slug for some reason makes them incredibly viscouse. so after years of being left to the oune devices in one of the darkest areas of Rapture they escape, wake up there Big Mommas and start looking for monsters to kill.

my idea is that Little Brothers have a pack mentality often running around with blunt weapons like baseball bats, crow bars, spaners ect.... which they use to bluggen there victim to death (usealy splicers but anyone with ADAM in the blood) once dead they will savagly devouerer the corpse and by default the ADAM in the bodies. be careful if u choose to mess with these littles shits because BIG MOMMA is always near.

Little Brothers are violant and if u wanna harvest them then 1 make sure Big Momma is disposed of 2 beat the little punks into a weak unconcouse state (remember there violant there not going to go down with out a fight) 3 harvest before he gets up O.O and watch out for his brothers.

Big Momma

A large Protector and female conterpart of a big Daddy, these hulking beings often have up to 6 little brothers under there care at a time who can be found climbing all over her jungle jum like back or running ahead to kill someone. she has a stong maturnal instinct and WILL.KILL.ALL who harm hear little brothers.

Big Momma is all that stands in the way and unlike BIg Daddys who must be killed to get at the Little Sistter

a different approuch can be tacken, rescue the Big Momma from being killed by splicers and the Little Brothers will reward u ADAM, and they will remember as well so next time ur being torne appart by a splicer that Big Momma u saved might just walk round the corner with a bunch of little savage alliys.

when ever a Big Momma is seen in a level (in each first incounter) they are under attack by splicers u can choose to save her and the Little Brothers will see u as a freind, shareing there ADAM with u whenever they run into u and u will have a powerfull alliy who will send her boys to help u when ur stuck in a jam.

Big Brothers

when Little Brothers grow into the teenage years they become Big Brothers who are powerfull warriors, Big Brothers are bulky and strong with animalistic movemants harmeing a Big Momma gaines these horrors attention and where as the Big Sister warnes u with a scream, u wont see Big Brothers comeing untile u hear that dreaded growl rour that siggnifies its right behind u.

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