hay people just had a thought after the Burial at sea DLC part ending SPOILER ALTER SKIP IF U DONt WANT TO KNOW------------------------------------------------------------the Booker in the DLC is Comstock but Anna died in the struggle at the tear when he tried to take her dun dun duuuuuuuun. if u read that and are angry i told u to skip it!!!!

and so i was thinking what sort of DLCs would work hmmmmm

well there is reason to believe that 122 bookers tried to save Anna but WHAT happend to them.

i think the dead guy in the light house with the bag on his head and the warning letter is the previous Booker?!?

but i digress, i was thinking more along the lines of SONGBIRD know to find out Booker is SongBird would be one hell of a MINDF***!! so i was thinking play a 2 part DLC- Part one Booker tries to save Elizabeth from the tower but ends up fighting off the Police only to be captured by Fink. in Part 2 after a series of agernising experiments Booker wakes up as Song bird and you have to escape and find Elizabeth (because ur programing screams to u to find her ) but everyone else thinks u gone crazy until the final scene that is when SonBird meats a 4 year old elizabeth and shows his loveing nature.

what u guys think?

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