just a break from my BioShock 3 idea, thought i would ask the community this question.

in BioShock infinite Burial At Sea- Part1 there is a crazy twist at the end !!!! WARNING! WARNING! SPOILER!!!!

the Booker you play as is actuely another Comstock but this time Elizabeth showed up and deuring the struggle for baby Anna Booker pulled her back though well minus a head (Poor baby Anna i was so shocked i nearly threw up!) and in geult he had the Luteces whipe his memorey and send him to Rapture, there he shaved his beard and took back his name Booker Dewitt, becomeing a detective. Elizabeth now older and bent on vengeance hunts the guilt stricken man down and puts him through hell to find his adopted daughter Sally who turns out is a Little Sister and Booker(Comstock) must fight a Big Daddy. He gets a flash memorey and he rembers everything! filled with remorse he trys to appologise but Elizabeth dosent accept and he is KILLED by the Big daddy! poor bastard.


soi was wondering what other Booker theimed DLCs could they do with alternet Bookers. there is reason to beleive that there have bean 122 Bookers who tried to save Elizabeth but what happend to them (i did one before called the Bird's Song).

ideas of my own:

The Bird's Song- where one Booker becomes SongBird.

Murder Of Crows- what if Booker became the first Zealot! the never seen leader of the fraternal order of the lady?

Vox Martyr- play as the Booker who battle along side the Vox Populii dieing alongside Slate when they blow up The Hall of Heros.

ALSO i have a sneaky suspiceon that the dead guy with the warning on his head might be the last Booker before our one, creapy right i mean we dont see the guys face.

anyway tell me your ideas and thoughts for the alternate Bookers or maby Comstock is up to you (heck might as well thow Elizabeth in if ya want).

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