hay people a while back i put an idea for a BioShock 3 on the Wiki and i was just thinking what the heck ill just post the levels on hear too hopefully u guys like em so with out further adoe the INTRO.

Somewere deap in Rapture

the game starts with a slash back to before the civil war. you are seeing through the eyes of an 8 year old boy who is straped to a table with a blinding light pointed at his face and 5 docters each wearing medical masks surrounding him, they proceed to impant an ADAM slug into the boy and he screams and blacks out.

later he is seen walking with with "Momma" and harvesting ADAM when a group of splicers attack but Momma kills them, but one grabs the him and threatens to tare him open, something snaps and the boy growls and stabs the Splicers then picks up a crowbar and beats the Splicer to death.

3 days later the boy is sitting on a chare with 2 other Little Brothers as they get there check up from a docter when a Little Sister comes in and starts to ask questions, the Docter gets angry and shouts at the Sister and she crys, the Boy and his "brothers" start to growl and there vision turns red, they rroceed to bluddgenand stab the man to death only stopping when they are injected with a tranqulizer. the last thing the boy sees before he blacks out is the Little Sister looking in fear as the docters rush in shouting.

11 years later (1 year after Delta's adventure) the now 19 year old boy wakes on the floor of his cell room after a slight tremear he looks at the machine that he was chained to then he looks at a puddle in front of him too see a pail, slighly thin face with black, long messy hair but the most prominet feature are his eyes: two yellow orbs that turn red with an animalistic growl, he then hits the reflection. (the level will be posted after this).

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