so hear are the enemies of my Bioshock 3 idea the types of Splicers and what they do.

Thuggish Splicers

these splicers are very basic, useing melay weapons such as crow bars, wrenchs, bassball bats, golf clubs ect....

there pretty weak and appear in all the levels but later get upgrade with stonger weapons and makeshift armor.

these Armored Thuggish splicers are week to Electro Bolt and have stronger version of there weapons like Steel BassBall Bats.

LeadHead Splicers

when they first appear they are weilding Pistals and are pretty weak but later get upgraded with Machine Guns and ShotGuns.

They too also have an Armored equevelent later as well that are also week to Electro Bolt.

Brute Splicer

large and brutish these splicer use there srength to bluggen foes to death and can throw objects at there enemies.

later you will meat

Fire Brutes- with fiery fists

Ice Brutes- with icy frozen fists

Armored Brutes- they wear armor

Electro Brutes- with electrical fists

Elite Brutea- They are tougher and more resiliant

Houdini Splicer

the Houdinis teleport around the battlefeild throwing plasmid powers at there enemies.

Firey Houdini

Wintery Houdini

Shock Houdini

Spider Splicer

armed with sharp meat hooks these splicers crawl on the ceiling and sneak up on enemies. they throw there hooks at Big Brother or get in close for a swipe attack.

Uber Splicer

large splicers that are muscular and strong (they share the same model as Fontains mutated form)

there are three special versions later in the game.





Blind, gangerly creatures with a hatred of light they prefer to hunt in the darkness first see in the Rapture Water Treatment, they will not persue you theough lit up areas but will stalk you in the dark.

Goliath Splicer

Larger then an Uber Splicer these large beasts are heavly armored and weild Launchers, these beast appear in the last 4 levels of the game.

Failed Utopian

monsterous beings that dont even look human they were failed subjects in Lambs experiments to create a Utopian now they are savage animels that lurk in the darkest corners of Rapture. 

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