so this is level 12 and you wake up in Hades Asylum now run by Edward Grimes. you must escape and find out what happend to the others. did you guys like the twist in the last level let me know if you liked it or was it predictable?


so you wake up locked in a cell, surrounded by wailing and screamin and crying? you look around and find Becky, Billy and Micheal in the cell across from you. Micheal "so your 'freind' was kind enouth to lock us up, now you nead to get us out, make your way to the security booth and open the cage and were get our selves out you deal the the crack job who runs this us at the Whater Treatment Center when you get out of hear al'right". Becky "cant wait to get the hell out of this dump". Billy "agreed, im gonna shuv my fist down that Lutwide guys throught".

an Uber Splicer walks down and opens your cage "nighty, night killer" now kill the Uber and start makeing your way to the security room. Dr.Edward Grimes "well hello agane my boy, oh where are my manners you proberly dont remember me, the last time we me you were straped to a table being pumped full of ADAM. now i was a member of the Rapture Family but Kinkaid offerd me a chance to live and you murderd him, so.......ALL OPERTUNISTS, attention all Oppertunists, Big Brother is out of His cell, please escourt Him back". (if you were a savior) Kinkaid "(cough cough) hay Big Brother, im still alive and im with your freinds, i left you a little gift in the Pneumo, im gonna go rest up, you be good out there now" (IF YOU ARE ANYTHING BUT A RESCUER THEN HE IS DEAD).

fight through the splicer hords to reach the security booth, Stiffy "hay kid time to prove some shit, once you hit that button,every cell is gonna open and lets just say this was a place oned by the Family before it fell and Sofia put Her "Faied" Utopians in this place, be careful". openthe cell and watch on the camera screens as Billy, Micheal and Becky make there escape along with every insane thing locked away in hear, (if you are a Rescue then they will get to the Undertow if you are not then they get torn apart and dont make it!).


you watch the camera as the three make it to the Undertow and leave. Stiffy "hank god they made it, i was worried"


you watch as the insane, monsterous hords stop them, as the creatures begin to hord in on the three you hear them screaming in pain and the camera showing the scene blacks out as if it was brocken by something. Stiffy "NO! FOR FUCK SACK, DAMN IT DAMN IT YOU FUCKING BASTARDS!...........just get moveing"

Dr.Grimes "well that is a complication". now make your way to the Undertow fighting back hords of the insane residentts of this hellish place, and once you reach the Undertow the door is locked so the creatures cant get you.

you see Edward Grimes trying to get in the Undertow. you have three choices.


you can let him go and he escapes. "thank you my child perhaps i should tell you the truth, i created you asa Little Brother, then as a Bg Brother. you see when i made you at first to be a gatherer you were briliant but the violance was i created a possible gaudian, something more powerful and stealthy then the Big Daddies, but now i see i created something....else. thank you".


you grab him and throw him aside, "you, i created you and this is how you repay me, i wasted months to create you, Fontain he wanted to terminate you and your brothers but when ryan took over he allowed my experiments, he seid 'if you were succesful the others will become the same' now you are my greatest dissapointment". you get in the Undetow just as the hords burst in and you hear Grimes screaming.


you stab him in the chest and raise him up "you (cough) are just a monster (cough cough) something i cre-(cough)-created to be a servent (cough) a slave like the Big (cough) Daddies and (cough) Mommas (cough cough chocking sounds cough) i should have killed you as a child" you throw his lifeless body down and get into the Undertow.

nex stop the Whater Treament Center.


Edward Grimes(Opptinal)

Boxer Big Daddy - like a bouncer but with large metal fists like Boxing gloves but rounder.


Number Of Little Sisters-3

(there is a Big Momma in This Level with 3 Little Brothers)




Dr.Edward Grimes - Mommey's Boy

today i saw a group of young boys calling one kid a "Mommey's Boy" what a childish and horrid thing its baffling to think we were all like that at one point in our existance but.....wait, Mommeys Boy.......that gives me an idea"

Dr.Edward Grimes - Big Momma Succesful

the pheromone signiture of the Big Momma is a succes, the one known as "Big Brother" is resplonding well, not one sign of anger or resenment, he actuely seems like he wants to gather and he is cery affectinote towards her calling it "Momma" as if it were his tru mother. We will do a test this afternoon.

Dr.Edward Grimes - Can It Love

I saw something today tha made me think, the Big Momma was doing its rounds with the boy and 2 others that we paired with her, unlike he Big Daddies they can handle up to three children at a time. but when the boys started to argue the Momma seemed to scold them and they actuely began to behave, and when they were hurt she knelt down and held the child whalst singing in that whale like moun of hers, could this love go beyond the programing, could the Big Mommas know what there feeling? 

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