so level 13 this set in the Water Treatment Starion, now this was closed up because some phaphelogical contamination got into the plumbing and it was abandoned, but some Splicers were left the dark.


so you get out the Undertow and its pitch black, no lights apart from the one on your helmet. Stiffy "ok kid, this place is the Water Treatment Station, used to distill whater from the ocean so it was drinkable, but some Phaphegone got into the system and contaminated everything, Ryan locked i up and many were still down there. dunno if they died or not but......were never tha lucky". Ogdred "well what a shame little pawn, you are a tenaceous one arn't you......well no matter, you will soon learn that things much worse then you lurk in the dark HAHAHAHAHWAHEHEHWAHAHAheheh..he..he".

now make your way into the dark area and you will see something in the distance but when your light gets neir it will run away. Stiffy "what the fuck was that thing, looked like a Splicer but....christ it looked like its never seen light before". as you enter the next corridor you will find one of seid Splicers pined to the wall with spears like its been crucified, it looks lanky and pale, with long talon like claws, torne and tatterd plumbers uniforme, but the creature has NO EYES, the skin has formed over it because of the never ending darkness. Billy "Jees that is wrong in so many ways" Stiffy "agreed might want to watch your step kid". you can hear wispering and it gets closer but no matter where you look you cant see it, then one jumps at you and attacks, kill it and enter the main room there you see a woman in a small room with a bright light on. "hay there, the names Kate O'Mally, 'Big Kate' to my most these mop jockeys. now i see you have met them creapers nasty bunch, they can sneek right up on you in the dark, but they hate the light, run from it they do. tell ya what you turn the lights on and ill let you move on".

there are three corridors that lead to the 3 power boxs.


so the first corridoe leads into a large boiler room that has creaper splicers lurking around, the power box in in the botten level and it is infested with creapers, once the lights are on and the boiler is up and running the creapers go into a frenzy and begin to tare anything apart that gets in there way even each other.


the second corridor leads to the pumping station, hear you are attacked by a failed utopian that ambushes you in the darkness alongside a small group of creaper splicers, after the fight go and turn the power box on and watch the creapers tare each outher apart.


the third corridor leads to the lower levels, the distillery where the water is made drinkable, once in the large room Creaper splicers ambush you and a Big Momma will apear and help you fight, once the battle is over she wails and runs off through a corridor that collapses behind her. turn on the power box and return to the mane room.

with light restored to the district O'Mally will be sitting in the small room "good job, now get out of hear, once your gone might do the same myself".



to spare O'Mally just walk to the Undertow and leave.


to kill O'Mally there is a power grid in the room shoot it and watch as her "save haven" turns black and she screams as the creapers pawr into the room fom above.


use the Undetow to reach Iris Film Studios.


Creaper Splicer

Slow Pro Big Daddy


Number Of Little Sisters- 3




Larry Sykes - Fixi'n Pipes

well then it looks like the pipes are fixed but "Big Kates" still busting a gut over the whole Dionysus Park thing, it whernt my fault i mean i was gonna go fix'it but before i got there the place just flooded. man that was a dark day.....she took my weeks waiges from me!"

Larry Sykes - somth'in In The Water

some Phaphegin got into the water today Ryan seid hes sutt'in the whole place down, well i gotta pack up before i get left in hear. wait what? the light have turned off. i gotta mind "Big Kate" find out whats happening. he cant of locked it up with us in it, could he?

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