so level ten, this levelis set in Rapture Radio, once the heart of all radio stations and news in Rapture now it is ruled by Herschel Weiss also known as The Voice Of Rapture, now through out the game so far Weiss has been on the Radio commenting  on your actions, if your a Rescuer he slanders your name and paints you a bad guy but if your a Harvester he pains you as a blood thirsty monster that neads to be put down, also he gives credit for all the good things you do o members of the Oppertunists. 


so you get out the Undertow and Stiffy contacts you "now this guy, Herschel Weiss, was a dick before the war but now he thinks hes the voice of rapture, and Kinkaid uses this to spread his bull all over the place..thime he came off aire if you ask me". enter the main lobbey and Weiss will contact you (all his conversations also appear on the radio) "listen you i know why your hear, but this is my castle i rule this place, you cant just walk into my fucking house and do what you want! fellow Oppertuniststhe Big Brother has come to kill me, tare out my heart and drein the marrow from my bones, if any of you are hearing this HE MUST DIE". Ogdred "The Voice is very annoying isnt he this horrid JubJub cas sqwarked his nonsense now he should pluck him".

enter he redio station and walk towards the elevator, hit the button and head up to the top floor........not that easy the elevator breaks down and plummets from the third floor back to the ground. Ogdred "well that was unexpedted, geuss your takeing the stairs". make your way up the stairs and through the larged building, on the way there is a big momma and some of those new Big Daddies, Whalers. Weiss "now fellow Oppertunists, the Big Brother is tareing through my forces and i dont think i wi survive this encounter.......come on then you freak". fight through all 5 floors and travel into a large room inhabited by a very large, very powerful Failed Utopian.

Weiss "like my pet, this Rex and hes been dying to meet you, amazing what loyalty is when the love is unnconditanel". defeating the Faild Utopian will leave the beast unconcous on the floor. "REX, no Rex you bastard he better be ok! Rex....." make you way to the back door and break through it, star traveling up the stair cass. Weiss "well fellow Oppertunists, Big Brother is curently walking up the stairs to end my life, it was an honer to be your voice and to guide you to our couse, this is the voice off Rature signing off". once you reach him Weiss is standing in front of a microphone wateing to see what happens next (what you do next will be broudcasted across Rapture and this will echo through out the room) Weiss "come on then, end it, im not scared off you". Ogdred "well wha are you wateing for end that JubJubs ife once and for all, he has been saying lies about you". Stiffy "yer mate i agree with your freind". Tenenbaum "hasent there been enouth blood, have restraint Big Brother".



take the key and walk away. Weiss "what, WAIT COME BACK HEAR! kill me! what are you waiting for KILL ME!" walk down stairs and a pillar will fall blocking the way up the stairs. Ogdred "well geuss thats that, we had are chance now he wil condem you to the Oppertunists". Tenenbaum "thank you for your mecy Her Bif Brother". as you get back into the main room Rex is standing in front of you AWAKE! Weiss "heal boy, hes a freind, alliy" Rexs demenor changes and he becomes freindly, now Rex will help you escape to the Undertow. Weiss "well Oppertuniss, this is it, im signing off, i cant do this anymore".


stab Weiss in the chest and Big Brother will viscoucly sab and smash his head in to death, his screams echoing on the Radio. Ogdred "lovely, the JubJub is dead". Tenenbaum "(sigh) und i thought maby i was able to get through to you, und i geuss i was wrong". travel down into the main room and you will see Rex awake and angry, the beast will attack and you must kill it. then you must escape to the Undertow as Splicers hord the building.

once at the Undertow Ogdred "Right on to Athena's Glory, Kinkaid's fortress, hes built a large force to face you freind, im already hear so please hurry up". Stiffy "alright lets go".


Whaler Big Daddy- a big daddy armed with a sopear gun.

Rex- the boss, if Weiss is spared becomes an alliy.

Herschel Weiss (Opptinal)- The Voice Of Rapture.


Number Of Little Sisters-3

(there is a Big Momma and 3 Little Brothers in this level)




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