so level 16 is Vucan's Forge, this place is a large factory that uses the geophermal energey to power it.  they build many objects includeing security devices, weapons and construction parts for expanding Rapture. now it is under the controle of a man named RedGrave who beleives that you have killed Karlosky.


get out the Undertow and walk into the factory propper, Lutwidge "well, well little pawn, i see you met Karlosky, once the body gaurd of Andrew Ryan but i do say, he is a slippery one". Lutwidge's voice comes on the P.A RedGrave, Big Brother has kiled Karlosky, i am so sorry my freind....i tried to stop him". RedGrave "you bastard, Karlosky was my freind, the last sane person i knew from the past and you KILLED HIM! all fellow Oppertunists, kil the Big Brother".

Stiffy " now theres an airlock that will let you out into the Querry, but RedGrave has the key, deal with him how you see fit". now you must fught through the lower levels of the Forge until you reach the main Couldren, you must go into three corridors and acctivate all 3 clamps to close the Couldren and get to the second floor.


down this path is the ground floor, hear you will come in conflict with Creapers, LeadHeads, Althas and Thuggish Splicers untl you reach the main lever.


this path takes you further into the building, hear you will come into conflict with Houdinis, Brutes, Frostys, LeadHeads and Goliath Splicers until you reach the main lever.


this leads to an upper portion of the Forge and is infested with Spiders, Ubers, Goliaths Splicers, Althas and BeeMen. then you find the lever protected by a rouge Elite Rosie Big Daddy.

after all the levers are acctivated the elevator to the managers office is accessible, use it to reach RedGrave. once in the office RedGrave will corner you, RedGrave "you bastard, this is for Karlosky-"

a large rusty lookin Big Momma comes crashing into the room, the same one from the Water Treatment Center, she pins RedGrave to the wall and stares at you, all of a sudden you start to have flash backs.

you are walking down the halls of Rapture Your Big Momma lumbering next to you "come on Momma, the sleepers are gonna wake up", you find as 'Sleeper' and start to harvest, hords of splicers pawr in and your Momma is overwhelmed but fights violantly, you are knocked down and pined by a Spider as a Splicer waves a knife in your face. Momma releases a furious rawr and crashes into the freaks, the Spider jumps on her back and begins to tare her appart, you jump on and stab the Splicers in the eye and drain his ADAM. Momma liys there weak and as she holds your hand and makes comferting sounds her green light goes black.

"M-MO-M-MOMMA?" RedGrave is shocked to hear you speek and your Momma mouns happily. she then looks at RedGrave and Her eyes turn blood red.



stop you Momma from killing RedGrave and take his key, you lead her away. Karlosky "you spared my freind, thank you Big Brother, that was very human of you".


you watch as you Momma crushes RedGrave's head then she passes you the key. "Bulshavic, big Brother you better pray the Doc dosent loose her nead of you!"

travel to the airlock with your Momma and enter it, turn the lever to flood.


RedGrave (Opptianal)


Number Of Little Sisters - 3

(there is one Big Momma and three Little Brothers)




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