so this is level six Athrodite's Beauty, this is basicly a spare and beauty parlor for the upper class woman of Rapture.

now it is ruled by Shirley Womack, the governess who is a germaphobe and she is highly parinode. she will send her "boys" (Uber Splicers) to deal with Big Brother. the objective is to get the key from Shirley but she has locked herself in The Love Of Luxery sallon.


so you step out of the Undertow and enter Athrodite's Beauty, and you get contacted by a woman "you, your he monster they keep talking about Big Broher. You wont get me no not at all, BOYS deal with this germy weirdo." Ogdred "o this is not good ar all get ready friend" An Uber Splicer will attack u alongside 2 brutes and 6 leadheads.

after killing these Splicers make your way into the Salon and fight through the the secand(top) floor, and make your way over to The Love Of Luxery but there is a 6 numberd code. Ogdred "well this complicates things, silly bitch isnt playing fair". Shirley "You wont get the code my boys are keaping it safe for me you werdo freak".

The new objective is to find the 6 Uber Splicers that are gaurding the code peices and they are hideing in different areas of the district. Uber Splicer locations and nature:

1)Ube Splicer-He attacks u as soon as you turn around. #4

2) Fire Uber- he is in the Cupid's Arrow. #5

3) Electro Uber- is in the Plasmid Theropey sallon and has 6 Spider Splicers. #5

4) Wintery Uber- He is in the Lustful Angel. #8

5) Swarm Uber- He is in he Pampering Gentelmen. #1

6) Houdini Uber- He is in the Diamond Sleep. #9

after this head back to The Love Of Luxery where Shirley awatea "No! how did you beat my boys, they were my best! poor boys I.WILL.KILL.YOU". Ogdred "well the dark is behind, lets deal with that horrid Duchess, im sure she dosent want to kill you for slaughtering her little piggys".

once you open the door and go in Shirly will cower in the corner and you approuch her, but she balsts you wih Electro Bolt makeing u stop in pain, Shirley "well, well, well though you could have your way with me"(SHOCKS U AGANE)"no, no dont be silly i am not so easy now sleep" (shocks u and you pas out as an arch of electro bolt rushes though ur body.

you wake in a large room with a croud of splicers and Shirley standing on a balconey above "well now i hope ur ready by boys hear didnt like u killing there buddys back there, now doe me a favore and DIE!" now you have to fight a hord of splicers (7 LeadHeads, 12 Thuggish, 5 Brutes and 1 Shock Uber) you have NO weapons and must fight with only ur Plasmids- - however there are Eve Suspencers around the room(5) - you must deal with all the Slicers then make your way up the balconey, there is a chest with ALL ur weapons in it, after retreiving ur weapons Shirley shocks u agane and then uses a Iron pipe to knock u back down,over the balconey. she jumps down and starts to attack you with the pipe and her Plasmids (Electro Bolt 3, Insect Swam 3, Incinerate!3, Winer Blast 3- she can also create 6 decoys that die on first hit) she also has 5 Spider Splicers on her side.

on her defeat she will retreat to the main sallon room (where u came in)  and u have to chase her, she is trying to get the Eve Suspencer to work but its jamed and she is powerless.



walk up to her and take the gen key walk out and the door locks. Shirley "i was at your mercy and you walked away, well fine then be that way see if i care!". Ogdred "that Duchess was a strange one a real headcase hehe". an Uber Splicer will appear "my mistress wishes me to help you leave for you spared her life" you have a powerful alliy until you leave.


if you kill her walk out and a large Uber splicer will attack you "you killed her you bastard!" you must deafeat him. Ogdred "well that was a mad Duchess if i did see one well lets ge out of this Girly Hell".


make ur way backto the Undertow.


Fire Uber Splicer

Electro Uber Splicer

Wintery Uber Splicer

Swarm Uber Splicer

Houdini Uber Splicer

Lancer Big Daddy

BeeMen- special Splicers that specialise in Insect Swarm.

Shirley Womack (Boss/opptianel kill)- the governess of the district who is more powerfull then she looks.


Eleophant Gun- if u spared the Zoo Keaper this will be wateing for you at the entrance with a knote graffitied on the wall. can be upgraded 3 times.

Ion Laser- tacken from a Lancer Big Daddy. can be upgraded 3 times.





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