this is level 17 the querry, this is an underwater lever with a few indoor sections. close now to the ending hope youve enjoyed it so far.


so you step out into the ocean with your Big Momma and walk through the dug up sea bed of The Querry, as you travel forward you will find a Failed Utopian swim by and there is a large amount of rubble blocking you in a carve entrance. go into the small building used by the workers to navigate the Querry.

inside the building there are splicers who are infesting the building, and there is a Failed Utopian hunting in the depths of the corridors.

(now if you are a Rescuer you Momma will behave as a gaurdian, she will stay close and not pursue fleeing enemies however if you are a Harvester she will pursue fleeing enemies and have a chaotic and unstable fighting style.) make your way to the next airlock.

outside you are attacked by another Failed Utopian, this creature will move fast for its size in the water. make your way to the next building (ignore the Big Daddies in this level they are just walking around the waterbed) and fight into the main controle room, use this to move the debris from your path.

travel outside and make your way to the elevator to reach Thor's Hammer, beware you will be attacked by 2 Failed Utopians. once you get in the elevator you must enter Thor's Hammer.


Number Of Little Sister - 2




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