so level 14 is set in Iris Film Studios, the area is basicly a large complex of studios used for filming movies and broucasts for Rapure, the point of this to the Undertow, easy right, OF COURSE NOT!


you step out of the Undertow and are contacted by Stiffy "alright kid all you nead to do is walk over to the Undertow on the other side of the room there, were meet you at Vulcan's Forge". start to walk to the Undertow and watch helplessly as it LEAVES!

"heeeeelllloooooo are you there, can you hear me, ah you can. maby you can help me, i want to make a film and all my last "actors" are useless, but you look like you can handle it. come to the studio, number 5". make your way to the abandoned and eerily silant building until you reach the set.

the lights turn of and one by one the film lights start to turn on, "welcome, WELCOME my little actor my name is Mr.Chavez and you are a fine specimen, now lights....CAMERA.......ACTION!" all of a sudden hords of spider splicers come pouring from the ceilling, as leadheads and thuggish splicers come bursting in from the other rooms. fight threw the first hord "YES, YES THATS GOOD, YES BRILLIANT!" after killing the first hord 10 Brutes enter from the bck of the room as more spiders crawl down and one Goliath splicer enters from the locked door you enterd from. "yes i love the violance, the gore, the skill, you are like a dancer of deah." after dealing with the 2nd hord, 6 fire and 4 ice houdinis appear along side 7 frosty splicers and 2 Goliaths. "yes kill the animals, make them cry in there own blood, make them hold there intestines in shock as they look down in disbaleife". "yes beautiful! now for the grand finally" an Uber Splicer jumps down and begins fighting you, once dead the Mr.Chavez will walk into the room whalst his "film" plays on the far wall. "thank you my actor you have made this director a very happy man, you may move on".



take the key and walk away then just get into the Undertow. Stiffy "you alright mate sorry about that, we ran into a bit of a detour, were locked up in Ares Vault, you nead to get us out of hear".


you attack him "WHAT YOU FUCKING FOOL YOU HAD A FUTURE!" he fights like a Frosty Splicer, the battle isnt difficult and is realy simple, hes a Frosty Splicer so he uses a hit and run tactic. Stiffy "you alright mate sorry about that, we ran into a bit of a detour, were locked up in Ares Vault, you nead to get us out of hear".

get into the Undertow and make your way to Ares Vault.


Mr.Chavez (Opptinal) - Frosty Splicer (Uniqe)


Number Of Little Sisters - 2

(there is one Big momma with Three Little Brothers)




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