so level 15 were nearly done there are 4 more levels and then THE END whooo i cant wate lol this is killing me. anyway so since the last level Stiffy and his followers have gotten captured and tacken to Ares Vault but whats gonna happen.


after getting out of the Undertow you are contacted by Stiffy "al'right kid we got a problem were locked up at the top floor in this place this guy-" "hello big brother this is Ivan Karlosky, and i would like to meet you, come to the main office. if you can". now you must make your way up the stairs but beware this place is crawling with splicers all with high level weapons and creaper splicers lurk in the dark alongside Ubers, Spiders, Goliaths, Houdinid and Failed Utopians.

Iavan Karlosky "we are much the same, Me and you, both killers but for different reasons, different purpose. me, i was bodygaurd to the Raptures creatore and i see now my effor, i killed an old freind for that man, but i let his family escape, i am nothing if not honerable. you were borne to protect, like the Big Daddie, the Big Sisters and your Mommas, yes i know of what you are, but i wonder, do you". as you reach the main room there is a large hole in the center and th only way up is a large elevator which must be used to get up to the scond floor.

hear you are attacked by a Failed Utopian and 2 Goliath Splicers, once they are dealt with enter the shooting range, hear you are attacked by Creaper Splicers and LeadHeads (this level has no Thuggish splicers in it) you then make your way through hords of splicers to reach the next elevator platform to reach the 3rd floor, "well Big Brother, i have left you a present, from an old warrior the beast that braught the Family to there knees, use it as you wish but beware he has brothers who seem to have began worshipping him". you enter the room and sitting on shrine is a Big Daddy Drill, you pick it up and hear a rawr, turn to see a mad Altha Big Daddy. fight the beast and make your way up to the next elevator and enter it, push the button to go up. "you are strong but are you strong enough the beasts of this Vault are blood thirsty, yes" on the 4th floor you must fight 3 Athas and 2 Goliaths.

afer the fight you can enter the Main Office and confront Karlosky "well hear you are, will you kill me now or are you bigger then tha i wonder, you freinds are save and are wateing in the elevator, you may leave it will take you strate down".



you take the key and enter the elevator. Stiffy "well im glad thats over now lets get the hell out'a hear before he changes his mind". Karlosky "hmmmm you spared me well i geuss that is a good sign, the docter will want to hear of this". Becky "the docter, whos he talkin about". Amir "dunno lets just hope it dosent come back and bite us in the ass later". once the elevator stops ge out and jump in the Undertow.


you go to kill him but Karlosky grabs your arme and knees you in the facem then slams you on the ground, he then jumps over you and escapes, Stiffy and Billy grab you and drag you into the elevator. Stiffy "geez he took 'im out, now that takes balls, strengh and the mentality of a true russian". Billy "that isnt good, what if he comes back later?", Becky "ye He proove that hes better the Big Brother hear", Micheal "well we better pray". you raise to your feet and get into the Undertow.



Altha Series Big Daddy

Ivan Karlosky (Opptianal)


Number Of Little Sisters - 2




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