ok well this is the level before the final cant wate lol hope you guys are enjoying this i have another project im doing when this is done called BioShock: Origins. well this is Thor's Hammer (Outer).


so you and your Momma step into Thor's Hammer.  Lutwidge "welcome little pawn to my new castle, hahahahahehe, you see i thought it would be fitting to finish you off in the place where you and your momma first got seperated". you enter a small room and the lights go out, they begin to flicker and spider splicers attack from the ceiling, your Momma is trapped on the ither side of the door. "yes i remember it well, you see i orchastrated the whole thing my little pawn, i watched as she slowly died holding your hand, oh and how you weeped like the little boy you where".

after you deal with the splicers the lights turn on and the doors open, one you have to go through, one that your Momma must go through. Lutwidge "oh just got back together and already you must part". head up the stairs and you enter a cylinder room with windows showing the still active hammer drill of Thor's Hammer, hear you must fight up the stairs going against splicers until you reach a small arena like room. "when you saw me you tried to stab me with that litle needle of yours, hehe, but i had Dr.Grimes take you and create the perfect warrior, strong, athletic, natural with plasmids and easily lead by the first voice they hear, that is you, when Ogdred spoke to you, you atomaticly trusted him and became my pawn, the shadow pawn". you must fight of 6 waves of spicers.


you are attacked by 10 Thuggish, 5 LeadHeads (3 Tommy Gun, 2 ShotGun).

"now from what Dr.Grimes has told me the procedure whas very painful, he used ADAM to force you to grow faster then your brothers, you see the problem with your kind is that your testosterone levels hit the roof BUT your grouth and ageing is slowed down by 6 yeatrs, so you neaded a nudge."


you are attacked by 5 Thuggish, 12 LeadHeads (5 ShotGun, 7 Tommy Gun) and 3 Brutes.

"sady you poor Momma wasent useful and left to rot, and you put to sleep until it was time to wake you up, and with Ryan, Fontaine and Lamb out of the way it only made sense, however by the time i found my wonderland, the Oppertunists had rebuilt a stable life, and we couldent hae that now coud we".


you are attacke by 3 Fire Brutes, 5 LeadHeads (Tommy Gun) and a Goliath.

"when i found out your Momma was alive i was very surprised, persistent bitch ill give her that".


you are attacked by 4 Goliaths, 7 Spiders and 2 Frostys.

"but i did find something interesting and did a few experiments of my own and im very proud, i must say".


you are attacked by 5 Altha Big Daddies, a Uber Splicer, and 2 Goliaths.

"oh you have yet to meet my sons havent you well, we will see in a moment wont we".


the lights turn of and you are attacked by 15 Creeper Splicers.

"now i wonder if you recongnise these two, well you should, there you brothers".

the room lights up and two beings stand in front of you, both look like you but with miner differences, ones helmet looks like a Jester head and the other ones helmet looks like a smaller version of a Bouncer.

"i hope you remember you little brothers, Nigel and Robby have wanted to see you for a while now, but you know that all ready dont you"

you have flash backs to your childhood there are two little boys, one is the same age as you and the other is younger but looks familier, then you look in a puddle and see the little boy looks like you. "yes you remeber, yes you failed your best freind, you failed your brother, your family!yes my pawn Big Brother is Hunter Dart the little boy from Madusa's Stair HaHahhahahahahahahahhaheheheheheheeheh!"

the two then attack you and you must fight them, they are powerful and have different abilities.

Nigel (Bouner head)- can use Decoy (creates 3), Insect Swarm 3, Winter Blast 3 and Teleportation.

Robby (Jester head)- can use Incinerate 3, Telekinesis 3, Electro Bolt 3 and Teleportation.

the fight will be long and hard but once you defeat them, there masks are broken and you can see there faces, pail skin, dark hair, glowing eyes. you have a choice.



walk up to them and you place a hand on both there heads and cure them of there torment, they look at you and rise to there feet but then all three of you are electrictuded "NO! you have whent against me for the last time pawn!" you fall down and pass out, last thing you see is Nigel and Robby.


you walk over and shove a hand into both there stumachs and rip out the slug, you watch as they die. "NO! you have been a thorn in my side for too long little pawn"you are electicuted and fall to the ground, the last thing you see is the lifless bodies of nigel and Robby.

everything goes black.





Number Of Little Sisters - 2




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