this level is set in the one of the largest district in Rapture, home to many of the working and middle classed citasens now a war ravaged ruin.


so you get out of he Undertow and you are contacted by a man "hay there Big Brother ive heard alot about you and i have a propesition for ya, you see we share enemies down hear and you know what they say the enemy of my enemy is my freind, come meat me at the local Sinclair Delux 13th floor door 456."

Ogdred "well turns out your very popular down hear hehe". make your way to the hotel, on you wy you will meet 3 Little Brothers and there Big Momma fighting off Splicers, but there are too many so now you must choose help save the Momma or let her die (you could also side with the Splicers).



if you side with her help kill all the splicers and when there dead she will get up and walk over to you. you put your hand on her head and this will ato-reascue all 3 Brothers who will run off then the mother will "adopt" you and follow you in the level as a companion.


leave the Momma to die and her Little Brothers are defencless allowing you yo ether try rescue or havest them.


side with the splicers and kill the momma the brothers will become violant and attack but the splicer help you harvest them, but once this is done they will turn hostile and try and take the ADAM.


after this you must travel to the Sinclair Delux but be ready for a battle, through the door you witness a massacar in a building filled with alliy security devices and blood writting on the wall saying "DEATH TO THE TRAITER" make your way upstairs fighting through the hords that want to kill you. one you reach room 456 enter and meet the survivors. "hay there Big Brother the names "Stiffy" and these are my comanions Amir, Becky, Micheal, Billy and Gloria Parson. we nead you help, we dont want to be part of the Oppertunists anymore and they dont like that you help us and we help you, first we nead supplys make you way to the Pharmacey, Grocery Store and Weapons shop and brings us the stuff on this list, o and before i forget you might nead this" he passes you a CrossBow "now get going".

The List:

Medicine 5

Bandages 6

Pain Killers 5

Caned Meat 5

Distilled Whater 6

ShotGun 1

Buck Shells 12

(i will finish the list when i finish the idea tweeks)

now walst raideing the first store you are contacted by Kinkaid "well you met "stiffy" and his freinds, he was once an Oppertunist, but betrayed us, he wants to escape and go to the surface but thats not POSSIBLE! WE BELONG HEAR NOT UP THERE! He dosent understand, Rapture is a house of monsters and we dont deserve happiness. never." Ogdred "Well this man is realy chearing me up, Not, now lets get a move on, this place is forbodeing- (if you saved the Big Momma) at least you have a freind down hear".

When you star raiding the second store you are contacted by Stiffy "Listen hes telling he truth i was an Oppertunist.......but Kinkaid wants us to rot down hear and i have a family now, and i will get them out."

Tenenbaum "Well Her Stiffy, i never thought i would see you agane old freind, it is good to hear your voice" Stiffy "Doc? Doc Tenenbaum? bitch i though you died, DAMN YOU! you coused this, if i hadent given that slug my whife would still be alive!" (the next part of the convo depends on your actions)


Tenenbaum "yes i know but i am hear to help you and the one that is adeing you is a good man, the Little ones he has saved tell me he is brave and strong, thank you Her Big Brother, Her Stiffy please let me help you....i have a safe house in Plutus Bank, once you are dun hear come meet me" Stiffy "well you heard the woman hurry up pal". Ogdred "now your there dog, brilliant, lets ge this over with my freind."


Tenenbaum "yes but i want to warn you that the thing you have placed your trust into is a monster a viscouse and creul murderer of the innocents, please i have a safe house in Plutus Bank, meet me there and we will plot our escape." Stiffy "hmmmmm is she telling the tuth?well i need you and you need us, so we have to work together so lets get used to it". Ogdred "hmmm hes right we nead each other, but when hes no longer useful....well ill let you decide how to deal with him and his family".


'Tenenbaum "yes i know my crimes are unforgivable but the one you are trusting is in a dark place, confused und twisted, he is unpredictable and must be dealt with extreim cortion, be careful, i have a safe house in Plutus Bank meet me there".' Siffy "well i migh hate the bitch but i still trust'er, you stay behaved and we can get out of this hell al'right." Ogdred "dont let them manipulate you, we are on the same side kid and there trying to use you, watch your back my freind."

once you start raiding the third store Kinkaid contacts you "Well your new freinds are backstabbers and you......a monster, do me a faver and DIE!" you are attacked by hords of Splicers who will litterly come from every where, make you way back to the Undertow. Stiffy "well were at the Undertow get ya ass back hear now! the whol districts on y'r ass!".

once at the Underto just jump in and get the heck out!


Cross Bow- a gift from Siffy. can be upgraded 3 times.


Elite Rosie- more powerful versins of the Rosie Big Daddies.

Big Momma- the Gaurdians of the little Brothers these beasts are bgger and stronger then Big Daddies, if bonded with the Brothes are Rescued and she will follow you until the end of the level, but if killed causes the Brothers to Become hostile.

Big Brother- these little shits can be your best freinds or worst enemies, dealing with the Momma will allow you to fight them, once nocked to the ground take the oppertunity to Harvest them or you can Bond with the Momma and Reascue the Brothers.


Number Of Little Sisters-5

(There is a Big Momma and 3 Little Brothers in this level)




Stiffy- Bitten At The Bounty

Today i was bitten by some kind'a slug whalst sort'in the junk from fish at the Bounty, it 'urt like 'ell, took three hours to get the damn thing off, fucking slug, shuffed it into a jar about 2 sizes too small...maby them docters my pay fo'it, its just sqweerming in there. good! little fuck.

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