these are a list of the PROTECTORS in my BioShock 3.


BOUNCER- armed with a drill hand these daddies are known for there charge attack and smashing the ground to unsteddy there enemies.

ROSIE- armed with a Rivet Gun these Big Daddies are built for ranged combat.

RUMBLER- These Big daddies releas explosives to blow up enemies and throws doen mini-turrets to mop up strugglers.

LANCER- these Big Daddies are another ranged daddy aremd with the Ion Laser.

DEMO DADDY- these Daddies are viscous looking beasts with the plain shark paint job used to instil fear, they have to mounted cannons built intp the top of there souts.

BRAWLER- large armored big daddies with  a large bulk and thick armored plateing, they use pure brut strength and brawn to beat enemies to death with his fists.

Big Sister

Big Sister are the gaurdians of the Little Sisters, when all the Little Sisters in a level are dealt with the big sisters will show up and attack Big Brother, once beaten to submission Big Brother can harvest them or Seduce them so he can calm there minds and free them.

Big Momma

the Big Mommas are the defenders of the Little Brothers. if they are saved and the Little Brothers rescued they will become allies. if attacked they become hostile beasts with 3 little savages on her side.

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