so this is a small idea that im putting on hear as a fresh thing to break from my BioShock 3 idea for a sec.

BioShock: Origins

so this is set in Rapture before the Kashmir Resteraunt bombing, you play as Jonathan Fetch, a man who came to Rapture with his whife Samantha and daughter Carrie, Jonathan loved Rapture but as a member of the police force he learns that the city is darker then most people know. Jonathan's whife whent missing and a few weeks later Ryan had his daughter tacken away, now he is on a mission to find her but will have to face not only Splicers but Ryan's Police force and Big Daddies in hopes of finding his daughter.

now you will meet lots of old favorites such as Brigid Tenenbaum, Sander Cohen, Dr. Stienman, Atlas/Fontain, Andrew Ryan, Julia Langford, Peach Wilkins, Gil Alexander, Augustus Sinclair, Sofia Lamb, Jonny Topside (Delta), Eleanor Lamb and many others as well as characters we never got to meet like Yi Suching, Sullivan, Bill MacDoghna, Diane McClinton, Jasmine Jolene, Samuel and Mariska Lutz and many more in your quest to find your daughter.

the game will begin a day or two before the riots then go through the chaos of the Kashmir bombings and the start of he Civil War. you will walk through the beutiful streets of Rapture with regular hustle and bustle of citazens then explore the darker forggotten parts of Rapture crawling with Splicers and Big Daddies. not to mention special soldiers used by Ryan to keap Rapture controled (like Columbia's Heavy Hitters) such as BeeMen, WeatherMen, Hoplites, Riot Cops and Splicer Hunters.

so what you all think let me know if you like it and if you want check out my BioShock 3 levels P.s let me Know if you want me to uploud levels for this once om finished with that game?

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