once agane i had another idea for a nother setting in a different dimesion lol so in this version of the world raptur/Columbia manifest in the form of a city on the moon (more specificly the dark side) the city has oxygen being recycled through out and can also have rooms for Zero-G which could be fun. i also though that large spaceman like big daddy creatures would be cool and they could go outside safely.

if i have anymore ideas to add to this i will its a work in progress.


Scorpids as they are most comonly known (scientific name: Lunar Gigantus Scorpus) are scorpion/earwig like creatures about the size of a cat, found liveing in the strange underground tunnels beneath the city they where origanaly captured for the poison in there stingers that when diluted and turned into a pill form actualy has gene changeing abilitys. these creatures are highly aggresive however and so Moon Walkers where created to find and capture them.

Moon Walker:

large humans grafted into massive armoured space souts that allow them to walk out onto the surface of the moon and there weaght helps keep them grounded to the moons surface but they are able to jump and monuver with ease.  Moon Walkers are used to safely harvest Scorpids for the use of creating gene altering pills.

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