the Hydra Busyness Complex is a large companey building that used to rent out the different appartments and offices to smaller busynesses that can afford them.

now it is ruled by Doc Holcroft, con artist gone governer in the Oppurtunists. the objective in this mission is that the Doc will let u go, if u help him get rid of all the sisters.


So you get out he Undertow and you see a man at the security booth. "Well this is a predicament we are in my freind, let me intriduce my self, I am Doc Holcroft the inventer of Holcroft's cure all and you my good sir are the Big Brother, the one mentioned on the Radio, well i have a proposel for you.....ill let you through IF you get rid of the Little Sisters, you see i have been able to keap them out but they keap comeing back so do me a faver, deal with them, YOUR way." Ogdred "this sounds iffy to me, whats he up to".

the objective of the level is to travel through the Complex and find all 5 Little Sisters who have Elite Bouncers protecting them. they can be found all over the 9 floored building.

List of Sisters:

1) one is in the Sinclair Solutions Testing Facility. Doc Holcroft "well theres one but youll have to deal with the big guy"

Ogdred "hmmmmm.. lets see a little work but if you deal with all the girls i will be able to put all the ADAM memoreys together and find out what hes up too freind".

2) one is playing in Bert & Ken's Toys. Doc Holcroft "isn tha sweet, now deal with her"

3)  one is in the Ellie's Electronics.

4) one is in Kert's market.

5) one is in Whales and Whales archetectes.

after dealing with all the sisters you must then face the Big Sister of this level but once she is dealt with Ogdred contacts you "freind there is a syringe awating you at the Pneumo, use it" go to the Pneumo and use the syringe.

a flash of memoreys will run across your mind as people acuse Holecroft of coning them and that the Cure All is a fraud. it then shows him killing his fellow Oppurtunists with an Hypnertised Big Daddy.

Doc Holcroft "well there we go that wasent hard at all now better get back hear and ill let you move on". Kinkaid "sorry doc no can do you see someone was kind enouth to send me a little gift and you know what that was....he truth. YOU ARE A TRAITER TO THE OPPURTUNISTS! are laws are simple take what you nead but do not harm your fellows and what do you do! you lie to us, betray us and MURDER US!......Big Brother the door to the Security Booth is open, deal with him..your way". Doc Holcroft "o god no please you can leave you can just please dont kill me i was just trying to survive please have mercy on please!".



just walk away and ge in the Undertow Holcroft "Thank you Big Brother thank you, you are a mercyfull man thank you". hen the Undertow will leave.


once dead Ogdred will contact you "Good riddence if you ask me he was a neusance". Kinkaid "good to see that a monster has his uses, but you will no reach me, we are not going to let yu ruin us!" get in the Undertow and leave.


Elite Bouncer


Little Sisters in this level-5



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