the game starts with a flash back through the eyes of a young boy who is about to become a Little Brother he screams as he is injected and implanted with the ADAM slug, after a few seconds he blacks out wakeing a few hours later, he then procedes to attack an unawer docter with a needle and is incarcerated.

3 years after the fall of the Rapture Family take the role of seid big brother (NickNamed Hunter By The Resident Splicers) who wakes up in a cell within the confines of Hades Asylum, he soon witnesses a Little Brother appear at the locked cell door and the blood stained little feral looking Gatherers eyes go from red to yellow and finaly green, he proceeds to leave a key and runs of to catch up with "Momma" there is a lumbering shadow that lets out a large mown around the corner accompanied by 5 little shadows who then leave, but not before shouting Big Brothers awake.

AS "Big brother leaves he finds a strange sward that attached to his armed and a Big Brother mask (looks like a diveing mask but built more to fit the face and has an intimidating toothy mouth that can open so he can BITE and two port hole eyes) Big Brother soon finds a Little Sister whos turnes in shock at seeing him and screams running from big Brother, Two Splicers show up and one shouts "o shit Hunters out son of a bitch Hes OUT!" a proceed to attack after that "Hunter" looks to the sister before getting contacted by a german woman who asks that if there is still a perso in there not to harm the girl Hunter may now choose to Harvest/Rescue the Little Sister (keap in mind Harvesting makes Little Sisters scared of u and will make them scream and there Big Daddy will Attack on sight) after this he hears a scream and is attacked by a Big sister and once beating her into submission may kill or seduce the sister (if killed u get 100 ADAM but if u Seduce u remove her helmet and she smells your pheramones ganienig a crush on u and will aide hunter as an alliy until u leave the area).

after fighting hords of Splicers he leaves the Asylum and moves on in his adveture. (i will continue this as the leval ideas come to me if u have any ideas be free to leave it on the page P.S your choices will have a greate affect at the end involeing the Big Sisters/Mommas and Little Sisters/Brothers if u choose to save them.)

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