so this idea is more like an experiment, what if in a Future Bioshock game you play as a SPLICER, the character isnt completly insane and knows roght to wrong but his acctions are urs to choose, known by his fellow splicers as Warrior because of his experiance in the battlefeild. so he survived the Rapture Cival War, the arival of Jack Ryan, Delta's war against the Rapture Family and so on.

Now with that the U.S Govermant has found Rapture they have restarted the ADAM gavering by useing new Little Sisters and New Big Daddys, however a large group of Splicers have formed a RESISTANCE to fight against those who want to controle there home.

now through out the game your choices affect the nature of your splicer comrades, if u kill important NPCs and Harvest Little Sisters then the splicers are more hord like useing overwhelming, savage combat to take there enemys down in a viscouse attack, they can also take more damage. however spareing NPCs and Rescueing Little Sisters they are not as blood thirsty and will be more organised in there attack useing steelth and restraint to combat enemys, the resistance members are more self perserving in battle and will take cover in gun fights.


Warrior- A high ranking member of the RESISTANCE who has a large impact on his men who see him as a figure to follow and to behave as such.

Members of the Resistance:

BRICK- A Brute Splicer with low inteligence, a love of fighting, and his upbeat personality.

Twich- An Unstable But Good Hearted Spider Splicer Who Is A Close Freind Of Brick And The Two Are Unseperable.

Demon- A Houndini Splicer Armed With Incinerate!, He Is a Sneeky Man Who Prefers To Suprise His Enemys. 

Butcher- A Splicer Armed with Enrage!

Brains- A Splicer armed with Security Command and has a personal Hacker.

Triton- A splicer armed with with a Spear Gun.

BeeMan- A Splicer armed with Insect Swarm.

Frosty- A splicer armed with Winter blast.

Cyclone- A splicer armed with Sonic Boom.

Chameleon- A slicer with Natural Chamoflage.

Leech- A slicer with Parasitic Heeling.

Pox- A slicer with Decoy.

Sparky- A slicer with Electro Bolt.

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