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  • Beast of burden

    hello folks just a little thing i want to share thats been on my mind for a while, the Vigor Junkies, now i know i mention them alot around the Wiki but they are like the mainidea that i think should NOT of been scraped, think about it for a second, there are billbourds and posters promoting Vigors all over Columbia, Fink has shit louds of'em being produced in his factoreys, they are showing them of a the fair and ONE person mentions that not alot of people want them because Fink has some "kinks" to fix. THEN WHY IS HE MAKEING THEM LIKE CRAZY????? NO ONE IS FUCKING USEING THEM!!!!! (sorry for the outburst) at least in Rapture people USED the god damned Plasmids, thats like crazy why mass produce something NO ONE WANTS TO BUY!!!???!?!?!?!?!…

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  • Beast of burden

    so hello agane, this is just a cluster of ideas i thought of as future BioShock games (now that i have finished by BioShock 3 idea) tell me if they grab your interest and if you have one that you would like me to start working on then let me know, if you dont then ill just pick one lol.

    LIST of BioShock game ideas (all my own)

    BioShock: Infinite 2 - Two years after Columbia's civil war, much of the flouting city has fallen into dissaray after the death of Comstock and Fitzroy, the Vox Populii and the Founders still fight each outher in the ravaged, war torn city walst darker things haunt the dying streets, with all the chaos many have resorted to useing and abuseing Vigors and becomeing less then human, stalking the abandoned houses and stre…

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  • Beast of burden

    BioShock 3: ENDING(S)

    December 12, 2013 by Beast of burden

    so hear it is the end of my long ass game lol, hope yove enjoyed the levels and let me know if you want me to do another one (i got iike 5 ideas and they gotta go some where lol) now without further adoe, THE ENDING(S)!


    as Lutwidge looks up at Big Brother he is pined down with 2 large syringes, he looks and finds Nigel and Robby pinneing him down throw the shoulders. "well then little pawn, will you kill the red queen and take his place, you are nothing but an attack dog and you belong down hear with the rest of this ravaged wonderand....its mine! it was MINE! ALL MINE! mine mine mine minemineminemineminemine" as the 2 brothers look at you there eyes turn red and look at Lutwidge blubbering before them …

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  • Beast of burden

    alright people the last level and then after this the endonce i have all the level walkthroughs up i will go back through them and fil in the Misc objects portion of which i have ignored :(  but enouth of my shitty words lets move on.

    you wake up straped to a table like the one in your cell back at Abyss Overlook, you look around and see Karlosky walk up to you, "well you are in qwite the pickle, i dont know weather to let you down or put you out of your misery, but the Doc seid so".

    you fall of and realise you have been striped of your armor and weapons, "that bastard Lutwidge took your gear and threw it in a locker back there and the others are makeing there way to his Bathyspheir as we speak, turns out that crazy bastard had a way out".


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  • Beast of burden

    ok well this is the level before the final cant wate lol hope you guys are enjoying this i have another project im doing when this is done called BioShock: Origins. well this is Thor's Hammer (Outer).

    so you and your Momma step into Thor's Hammer.  Lutwidge "welcome little pawn to my new castle, hahahahahehe, you see i thought it would be fitting to finish you off in the place where you and your momma first got seperated". you enter a small room and the lights go out, they begin to flicker and spider splicers attack from the ceiling, your Momma is trapped on the ither side of the door. "yes i remember it well, you see i orchastrated the whole thing my little pawn, i watched as she slowly died holding your hand, oh and how you weeped like th…

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